Eugène Delacroix
(Saint-Maurice 1798 – Paris 1863)

Profile portrait of bearded man sold by Ferry Auction House 1st July 2022

oil on canvas,
32 x 25 cm.
Haro ink mark on the upper left crossbar.
Haro stamp on the back of the canvas.
Wax stamp of the posthumous sale of Eugène Delacroix (1864) on the right side upright of the frame.
Handwritten inscriptions on the back of the canvas: “E. Delacroix, provenant de la vente 19 Février 1864”.

Provenance :
Eugène Delacroix sale, Me Pillet et Lainné, Paris, Hôtel Drouot, 
17-19 February 1864, Catalogue de la vente qui aura lieu par suite du décès de Eugène Delacroix, probably included in lot n° 201 :  "Eleven studies of heads and portraits”.

The lot is divided between several buyers for a total of 1,375 francs according to the catalog of the sale and 1,337 francs according to the statement of vacations kept at the Eugène-Delacroix national museum.


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